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About S t o r ï s

Storïs is an artisanal jewellery brand dedicated to bringing out the beauty in each individual story. Through subtle, intricately woven details and personalised symbols, each piece of jewellery is a joyous and intimate moment you share with your loved ones, encompassing all the things you want to express.

Love is an art, and at Storïs, we transform it into wearable beauty. Every piece carries a narrative, a symbolic meaning waiting to be discovered. They are a harmonious juxtaposition of luxury and storytelling, turning your love story into a beautiful work of art meant to be treasured for eternity.

Be charmed by the thoughtfully designed jewellery and be touched by the stories told.

Meet Eve, Founder of S t o r ï s

At 24, Evelyn Ng co-founded Fairy's Inc., a bespoke jewellery brand that has since become a testament to their youthful vigor and unwavering determination. Reflecting on those early days, Evelyn now realizes just how young they were.

Evelyn's journey has been one of self-guided learning, a path for which they are immensely grateful. The master craftsmen who guided them displayed remarkable patience, enabling Evelyn to challenge industry norms and innovate in the art of crafting.

Fueling the enterprise is an unyielding passion, a compass that directs every decision. When inspiration strikes, Evelyn is compelled to create, giving life to ideas that beckon from within. This fervour has not only blessed the business with a thriving, sustainable foundation but also granted Evelyn the fulfilment of wholeheartedly pursuing their passion.

With over two decades of experience, our team, led by Evelyn Ng, co-founder of Fairy's Inc., weaves the magic of love into every creation. The hallmark of Storïs is the fusion of Passion and Commitment, evident in the meticulously handcrafted artisanal jewellery they create.

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